CPT Code for Home Visit

Home visit is a visit of health care professional (usually nurse) to the home of the patient. The patients sometimes need care at home and nurse visits them for the necessary nursing and activities related to health. Doctors also visits patient at home in case of emergency.

    CPT Code for Nursing Home Visit

    For minor issues and nursing care, nurses visits patient home which is totally paid. These initial visits are billed under the CPT codes 99304 to 99306. When further necessary tests and diagnosis is required, then the billing codes are 99307 to 99310.

    CPT Code for Home Visit

    CPT Code for Skilled Nursing Home Visit

    When a skilled nurse is required for home nursing services, the billing is done under different codes. The skilled nurse has command on her professional skills and can provide better home care. The CPT codes under which skilled nurse billed is 99304 to 99318.

    CPT Code for Physician Home Visit

    When patient requires a home checkup, physician is called. This home visit is totally paid and is billed under the CPT code 99341 to 99350. Physician will diagnose the problem and will prescribe a treatment plan. Sometimes an injection is administered during this physician home visit.

    CPT Code for Social Worker Home Visit

    Sometimes social workers pay a visit to home for multiple reasons. Child welfare agencies are sometimes called for the home visits to make a meeting between two parties. Social workers visit home with their clients. The CPT code for this is 99341 to 99350.

    CPT Code for Group Home Visit

    In group home visit, physician schedule his appointments with a group of patients within a specified
    time. Physician moves from home to home to visit his patients and check their health conditions. This group visit for multiple patients is coded in between 99341 to 99350.

    CPT Code for Registered Nurse (Rn) Home Visit

    A registered nurse is also a skilled nurse who’s paid for the home visits. Registered nurse provides
    home care services and follows the prescribed treatment regimen of the patient. The CPT codes for paid registered nurse home visit are 99304 to 99318.

    CPT Code for Psychotherapy Home Visit

    Psychotherapies can also be conducted at home by paying a psychotherapist home visit. There is an individual psychotherapy session of almost 30 minutes which helps people to understand things clearly and make relationship strong. The CPT code for psychotherapist home visit is 99341 to 99350.

    CPT Code for Hospice Home Visit

    Hospice home services are required by the patients who are critically ill. Hospice brings spiritual care, physical and emotional care to the patient at home. The families consider hospice home services important for their loved ones. The CPT codes for hospice care are T2042 to T2046.

    CPT Code for New Patient Home Visit

    A new patient may require immediate attention and care for his newly diagnosed health problem. This can be performed at home by calling a physician for paid home visit. 75 minutes for the unstable new problem of patient. The CPT code for new patient is 99343.

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