Cerivcal Procedure CPT Code

Cervical area is the neck region of the spine in the human body. The cervical region consists of a total 7 vertebrae which are named as C1, C2 upto C7. the vertebrae runs downward in the body. The purpose of vertebrae is to protect spinal cord and brainstem. It allows a wide range of body movements.

    MRI Cervical Spine Without Contrast CPT Code

    MRI is a diagnostic test that is performed to check any functional abnormality in the body. This test is completely painless. Strong radio energy waves are passed through the body to obtain internal imaging of cervical spine and neck without any contrast material. The CPT code is 72141.

    Cerivcal Procedure CPT Code

    CPT Code For Cervical Polypectomy

    Polyps are the small tissue growth in the cervix region. These polyps required to be removed from the body and this procedure is known as cervical polypectomy. These polyps can be non cancerous and non malignant. The CPT code of this procedure is 57500.

    CPT Code For Anterior Cervical Discectomy And Fusion

    Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion is a surgical procedure that is performed to remove a herniated disk. The degenerative or herniated disk in neck requires removal by making a small incision on the throat. A graft is used for the fusion of bones and disc. The CPT code is 63075 and 22554.

    CPT Code For Cervical Polyp Removal

    Polyps are the tissue growth which may be cancerous and non cancerous. These polyps need to be removed from the body and the procedure of its removal is known as polypectomy. When polyps are removed from the cervical region, it is known as cervical polypectomy. The CPT code is 57500.

    Cervical Cerclage CPT Code

    Cervical cerclage is a surgical procedure in which the cervical region is stitched. This is performed with the purpose of treating cervical weakness. It is required when the cervix start opening up soon or shorten in size leading to premature birth or late miscarriage. The CPT code is 59320.

    CPT Code For Posterior Cervical Fusion

    Cervical fusion is the fusion or joining of two cervical spinal bones. The posterior cut or incision is made to join the spinal bones with the side bones in the cervical region. A graft is placed to fuse them together. This procedure is performed under the CPT code 22630.

    CPT Code For Cervical Tracheoplasty

    Cervical tracheoplasty as the name indicates, is the surgical procedure to treat airway problems. The
    trachea is divided into two portions from center and then the problematic area is treated. The procedure involves the cervical region. CPT code is 31750.

    CPT Code For Cervical Conization

    In cervical conization, the cone shaped tissues are removed from the mucous of the cervical region. Conization is performed to remove a sample tissue for the purpose of diagnosis and biopsy.it also removes the non cancerous cells. This procedure is performed under the CPT code 57520 and 57522.

    CPT Code For Cervical Stenosis

    Cervical stenosis occurs if there is any degenerative tissue in the spinal region leading to narrowing. If the space becomes too much narrow then it may lead to further neurological diseases. This condition needs to be treated under the CPT code 63045.

    CPT Code For Dilation and Curettage Of Cervical Stump

    58120 is the CPT code used for the procedure of dilation and curettage of cervical stump. This procedure is performed to remove a tissue sample from the uterus. Dilation and curettage is performed to treat and diagnose some specific conditions.

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