Romanov Sheep Disadvantages, Advantages, Temperament, Price

Romanov is a domestic breed that originated from Russia. The Upper Volga region located in northwest of Moscow, Russia is the main origin of these sheep. Romanov sheep are named after the town they were originated i.e. Romanov town. In the 18th century, these sheep were first identified outside Russia. After discovery, these sheep were transported to France following Germany. In 1980, Canadian government bought 14 ewes and 4 rams and kept in quarantine for 5 years. Tests were performed on them and then brought to the United States. In the current century, these sheep are available throughout the world.

    Romanov Sheep Disadvantages

    Romanov breeds have a lot of advantages and serve for multiple purposes. But there is a single drawback which makes it an option for the farmers. These sheep do not have an excellent gain record on a daily basis. The gain rate is slow and requires more time to gain and grow well. This requires extra care and expenditure on their food. Proteins and carbohydrate supplements are required to catch up the pace of gain. To improve this drawback, farmers breed them with other breeds. Breeds of sheep with a good gain record are preferred to breed with Romanov sheep.
    Romanov Sheep Disadvantages, Advantages, Temperament, Price

    Romanov Sheep Advantages

    The main advantage or purpose of Romanov sheep is meat production. The secondary purpose is wool production. The wool obtained from Romanov is resourceful and very strong. Their wool coat is double layered and the mean diameter of wool fiber is 20.09 micrometer and the outer coat diameter is about 71.09 micrometer. These sheep are hardy and can survive in extreme conditions. They can easily adapt themselves to the environment and local feeding. After 3 to 4 months of age, they may gain full maturity. They start breeding at the early stage of life. These sheep are also known for milking properties. 

    Romanov Sheep Temperament

    Talking about the temperament of these Romanov sheep, they are alert. They respond very actively to the things around them. They are hardy and can survive in extreme climatic conditions. Especially in winters, they are good survivors because of their thick wool on the body. They can survive in hot climatic conditions too because of their good body maintenance. They are strong and can fight strongly with the health conditions. Their alertness makes them attractive. They can respond even to a slightest move around them. They are active at breeding and start breeding at any age of their life. 

    Romanov Sheep Price

    The price factor of these sheep vary because of multiple factors. As these sheep are available all over the world so the price range differs area to area. The main purposes of Romanov sheep is wool production, meat production and milk production. The milk production is the least purpose it serves. Their meat and wool is sold separately on high prices and can easily pay off the money spent on their development. The price range is set according to the weight of these sheep. The price of this sheep breed is high as compared to other sheep breeds because of multiple purposes it serves.

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