Shropshire Sheep Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Shorpshire is a domestic sheep originated from  hills of Northern Staffordshire hills of England. It is a dual purpose breed developed in 1840s. The original ancestors of Shropshire sheep are unknown but usually some white faced sheep like Southdown sheep, Leicester and Cotswold sheep are bred with local black faced sheep. The resultant sheep is good in production for meat and wool. These are medium sized sheep. Currently the sheep is available throughout the world serving for the purpose of meat and wool. These sheep were first introduced to the United Kingdom in 1855 and many other countries.

    Shropshire Sheep Pros

    Shorpshire sheep are mainly known as dual purpose breed because they serve as meat and wool producers. Currently this breeding mainly used for meat production. They are efficient feeders and can use their energy in an effective way. They grow well. Their lambing properties are good. They are famous for their short sized wool i.e. 2.5 to 4 inches. The quality of their wool is high and mainly used for making fabrics like socks and hard wearing items like hats and mittens. For youth projects, Shorpshire sheep are perfect. 24.5 to 33 microns is the fiber diameter of their wool.

    Shropshire Sheep Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

    Shropshire Sheep Cons

    Shropshire Sheep have cool temperament and lives in harmony with others. Usually farmers prefer these because of their behavior. But these sheep are overly active. The plus point is, these sheep can be left for grazing without vigilance. Sometimes when they are in flocks, they may start bullying a specific sheep which is termed as "pecking order". Sometimes this bullying becomes serious and these sheep may end up fighting. These sheep are not reported with any kind of health issues also they can survive in different climatic conditions. So, there isn't any serious problem or disadvantage of these sheep.

    Shropshire Sheep Fact

    Shropshire Sheep is a stylish medium to large sized breed animal. Their whole body is covered in small sized wool (dense and fine). Their body is strong with wide and deep chest. Their neck is strong and their movements are bold and active. Their wool can prepare elastic and dense fleece with good length. The quality of their wool is fine and there isn't any black fiber in it. Usually these sheep are available in clear light cherry color having no dark spots. Shropshire sheep have symmetrical body which is long and deep. Their head is broad and well fixed with the shoulder giving an attractive look.

    Shropshire Sheep Price

    Shropshire sheep are not limited to a single region but are available throughout the world. Their characteristics differ so do their prices. The average price range calculated is £100 to £400. Sometimes this range may exceed up to £600. These sheep are used on commercial scale so they are bought in bulks. Their price may also vary according to the weight of these sheep. A standard rate is set per kg and then their weight is multiplied with that rate for price. Their wool is also of high quality and sold separately at good price. The price spent on them can easily be gained with their wool.

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