Chianina Cattle Characteristics, Milk Production, Meat Quality, Price

The Chianina cattle originated from one of the areas of Valdichiana. It is known to be the oldest beef cattle breed. This breed is named after the region of their origin and after the middle Tiber valley. This breed is mainly raised for beef production but in the past, these were known as a drought cattle breed. The other names of this breed are Chianina del Valdarno, Perugina, Chianina della Valdichiana and Calvana. Chianina cattle are famous for the production of bistecca alla Fiorentina. Chianina oxen were considered the source of agriculture before the mechanism of agriculture was introduced. It is a dual-purpose breed.

    Chianina Cattle Characteristics

    The available color of Chianina cattle is white to steel grey. In the case of bulls, their front part is a bit dark grey. Their skin is black pigmented which also includes palate, tongue, eye area, nose, and switch. Their horns are slightly curved forward and colored black. Their bodies are well muscled and have long legs. The shape of their face is long and straight. The height of a cow stands 150 to 160 cm at withers and weighs around 800 to 1000 kg. In the case of bulls, they stand 160 to 175 cm in height and weigh around 1150 to 1280 kg.

    Chianina Cattle Milk Production

    Chianina cattle are mainly known for beef production, not for dairy purposes. The production of milk is only sufficient for the calves to suckle. This is because they have small-sized udders which do not produce enough milk to benefit farmers economically. These cattle are never noted for the production of milk. This does not affect their importance and value in the world because they were valued for their beef production since the time of their origin. The quantity of milk produced after labor is barely enough for suckling. The quality of milk is also not very good.

    Chianina Cattle Meat Quality

    Chianina cattle meat is famous throughout the world. The quality of their meat is lean and well-marbled. They have large-sized bodies covered by a thin layer of subcutaneous fat and more meat. These cattle are praised for their tender meat production. At the age of 16 to 18 months, these cattle are perfect to slaughter. Their meat is sold to multiple countries and their carcass yields about 65%. Chianina cattle were first known for meat production because their growth rate is high and their feed conversion power is strong. Their bodies have a high tolerance for heat and sunlight.

    Chianina Cattle Price

    This breed is old and worth buying. The average price of this breed is $3500 per head. This price was decided in the year 2017. This value may vary according to the size and location of these cattle. The bigger the cattle, the more expensive it is. Their meat is also sold to multiple regions at a high cost. Farmers usually buy them in bulk because this decreases the price a bit. Calves are sold at a high rate as compared to mature cows because the meat of calves is fresh and young. Sometimes, these cattle are sold according to their weight.

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