Lim Flex Cattle Advantages, Disadvantages, Facts, Price

Lim flex as the name indicates is the hybrid of Angus and Limousin cattle breed. It first originated in the year 2002. A registered Lim flex cattle should be 25 to 75 percent Angus and 25 to 75 percent Limousin. Lim flex cattle breed should be registered with NALF (National American Limousin Foundation). The name flex is basically the abbreviation of Limousin Efficiency Cross (X). Lim flex means Limousin cattle having muscled body and efficiency, keeping the flexibility. Lim flex cattle are getting fame in the market. These cattle are getting popularity on the basis of their beef production because originally these were drought cattle.

    Lim Flex Cattle Disadvantages

    Lim flex cattle are bred intentionally for better flexibility and strength of the cattle. There are fewer chances of any disadvantage. Considering the drawbacks of their mothering breeds, these cattle can be aggressive. The mother Lim flex is overprotective about their young ones and do not let anyone come near to them. There aren’t any other disadvantages of Lim flex. Their strength and flexibility make them different from others. No other disadvantages have been reported till yet. They have good market value. Female Lim flex is of more importance as compared to the male ones.

    Lim Flex Cattle Advantages, Disadvantages, Facts, Price

    Lim Flex Cattle Advantages

    In contrast to the disadvantages, their advantages have a huge list. Their body is muscled and efficient, high in flexibility. These traits make them special and powerful. The marbling properties are transferred to them from their mothering breed Angus. Angus also transfers its maternal qualities. The well-muscled body is the trait of Limousin cattle. Lim flex cattle can easily be bred with another cattle breed for the improvement of traits. Its seed stocks are getting importance in the market nowadays because they have ideal qualities. Females are preferred as compared to makes because of greater efficiency.

    Lim Flex Cattle Facts

    Lim flex cattle is the hybrid of Angus and Limousin cattle, so their traits are the combination of both. Their body has a large frame and their body is usually golden red in color. The part under the stomach, around the muzzle and eyes, end of the tail, around the anus and inside the thighs is lighter in color. These cattle have black genetics which causes variation in their body color. The color ranges from light fawn or brown to deep black color at maturity. They have short sized hair on their body. Mature bulls and cows weigh 2000 lbs and 1300 lbs respectively.

    Lim Flex Cattle Price

    Lim flex cattle are now distributed among different countries. Every region has a different price range. The overall average price of Lim flex cattle is 1500 dollars per head. These cattle are bought in bulk because bulk purchase reduces the cost. Instead of calves, mature Lim flex cattle are preferred. Their beef is of high quality and can be sold separately for improved income. In some regions, a standard rate per kg is set which makes the price calculation easy. In these regions, the mature, heavier the cattle is, the higher will be the price. In the near future, the prices are going to get high.

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