British Saddleback Pig Characteristics, Meat quality, Origin, Lifespan

British Saddlebacks are tough and well known for their motherhood. The breed is acknowledged for its grazing qualities and also for its hardiness. It has built a reputation for itself in organic and outdoor production. These pigs are submissive, allowing them easier to handle than others. Many people like them because they are beautiful pigs that yield good bacon and are larger than some other breeds.

The British Saddleback pig is a large, deep-bodied animal. It is mostly black in color with a white saddle around the withers, shoulders, and front legs. A fully grown British Saddleback boar's average weight is around 300 - 320 kg. While fully grown sow's average weight is around 250 - 270 kg. The British Saddleback pig is a sturdy creature with outstanding foraging abilities. They are well suited to regional and varied habitats, and they grow and thrive in large-scale pig agricultural systems.

    British Saddleback Pig Characteristics

    • Their meat has a great taste and flavor.
    • They are very friendly in nature which makes their handling very easy
    • Due to their docile nature, they are easy to keep and manage
    • They are well known for their resilient and sturdy abilities
    • They are highly productive which makes them, profitable breed for commercial farming.
    • They are well-acknowledged for their motherhood abilities.
    • Their overall appearance with very attractive and eye-catching
    • Their offspring's or piglets also look very cute.
    British Saddleback Pig Characteristics, Meat quality, Origin, Lifespan

    British Saddleback Pig Meat quality

    They produce excellent quality raw meat which is highly rich in protein and has a considerable amount of zinc and selenium. Their meat is also enriched with other vitamins making it very nutritious and tasteful meat.

    British Saddleback Pig Origin

    The British Saddleback is a cross between 2 breeds: the Wessex Saddleback and the Essex Saddleback. As early as the early nineteenth century, there were black and white belted pigs in the west country, and they were well known for their bacon. The Wessex Saddleback variety gained popularity and was recorded in the first herd book released in 1918.

    The Wessex has always outnumbered the Essex, and in the 1960s, with the pig industry concentrating heavily on white breeds, the two breeds were combined to create the British Saddleback in 1967. The breed is found all over the United Kingdom.

    British Saddleback Pig Lifespan

    The average lifespan of a Saddleback is 12-14 years, depending on different factors such as the raising environment, feeding, and so on. The Saddleback is known for being a hardy breed that is well suited to a large farming system. The average litter size is around 9.- 10 piglets, and the breed is known for its maternal instinct.  The breed is submissive and well-suited to outdoor conditions.

    The British Saddleback pig is a tough animal with excellent foraging skills. They grow and flourish in large-scale pig agricultural systems, and they are well adapted to regional and varied environments.

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