Idaho Pasture Pig Facts, Weight, Meat Quality, Litter Size

 Idaho Pasture Pigs are a modern variety of pig that has been bred to thrive and mature quicker than Kunekune pigs while still remaining true grazing pigs. These pigs achieve their target weight in 8–9 months (while consuming mainly grass) and consume less grain than the typical meat hog. Butchers weigh between 220 and 250 lbs. In comparison to the typical meat hog, they are often smaller at maturity. Sows should reach a weight of 300-350 lbs, while boars should reach a weight of 400-450 lbs.

Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPPs) are a cross between the Duroc, Old Berkshire, and Kunekune breeds. The IPP's founder spent years mastering the combination to produce a rapid growing, polite, and perhaps most notably, GRAZING meat pig. Idaho Pasture Pigs are available in a wide range of colors, including black/white, ginger, tri-colored, off-white, and any combination of these colors.

They have a temperament close to Kunekune pigs in that they are affectionate, sweet, and enjoy being cuddled. As a result, they are simpler to conceive and have fewer problems. They've also adopted the Kunekune pigs' short, upturned snouts, which helps them to survive on pasture.

    Idaho Pasture Pig Facts

    The Idaho Pasture Pig (IPP) is an intermediate-size pig variety that was created in 2006 and is still being improved to meet the specified industry benchmarks. Idaho Pasture Pigs are very sweet, have a cool temperament, and were raised to graze rather than root.

    They have a snout that is moderate in length and has an upswing or dish on the end to facilitate grazing while preventing rooting. The snout should be broad and wide enough to augment the overall shape of the head. It should not be trimmed, long and straight, or entirely snub and dished, as these characteristics disqualify pigs from breed selection.

    Their eyes are symmetrical and set slightly apart. There was no blindness at birth. Their teeth should be well-set in their mouths, with no overbites or under-bites evident. Wattles may or may not be present in these pigs. Their ears are well spaced and can be either erect or drooping.

    Idaho Pasture Pig Facts, Weight, Meat Quality, Litter Size

    Idaho Pasture Pig Weight

    A fully grown sow has an average weight of 300-350 lbs while a fully grown boar has an average weight of 400-450 lbs. Average weight may fluctuate depending upon the factors, e.g growing environment, feed, etc.

    Idaho Pasture Pig Meat Quality

    These pigs produce excellent quality raw meat having a great flavor just because they are pasture base breed. They are well known for their red marbled meat quality with a nice and flavoring taste.

    Idaho Pasture Pig Litter Size

    Idaho Pasture Pigs are medium-sized pigs that attain a butcher weight of 200-250 pounds at the age of 8-10 months. The average litter size for an Idaho Pasture Pig is 9-10 piglets. These piglets have the sweetest dispositions, in addition to their cuteness.

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