Large White pig advantages, disadvantages, litter size, growth rate, Lifespan

The large white pig is a rare breed of pig that originated in Yorkshire, England. It's also known as Yorkshire Large White or English Large White. The Large Yorkshire, or Improved Large Yorkshire, is the name given to the British Large White breed in Canada and the United States. The original Large White pig was exceptionally big and rugged, but by the selection process and probably the use of other blood, the form has been significantly changed. The word "improved" is often added in the name due to the breed's development. Large Yorkshires are a common breed in the United Kingdom, where they are known for making the best bacon. 

They are only used in Denmark for crossing on the country's common sows, and the best bacon brought into Great Britain comes from this cross. They are more widespread than any other variety in Canada, and they are being transported in significant numbers into the United States. The Large White has proven to be a tough and adaptable breed that can tolerate weather patterns and other variables. They have a prominent role in industrial pig production systems and reproduction pyramids across the world owing to their ability to cross with and develop other breeds.

    Large White pig advantages

    Although the Large White was bred as an energetic, outdoor breed, they grow in rigorous production environments. They are found in virtually all cross-breed and rotational breeding programs, especially those involving two or more breeds. The breed's sows have an excellent rating as dams and serve as the primer for the classic Fl hybrid gilt. Separate sire and dam lines have been established in traditional selective breeding to yield purebred Large White terminal bloodlines that thrive in growth rate and healthy meat proportion and are used in most terminal sire breeding projects.

    Large White pig advantages, disadvantages, litter size, growth rate, Lifespan

    Large White pig disadvantages

    As far as Large White disadvantages are concerned, they are stubborn so, sometimes it is difficult to handle them as compared to other breeds. They are large enough so, they require extra space to be kept safe and healthy. They are vulnerable to some diseases so, care must be taken in this regard.

    Large White pig litter size

    The Large White is extensively being used in outdoor systems and is tough enough to withstand most weather situations. Following decades of performance measuring and selective breeding have resulted in the Large White being more prolific than other unique breeds The average litter size is 11-12 piglets. Sows produce enough milk and become good mothers.

    Large White pig growth rate

    Large White pig is big enough so they produce an excellent percentage of meat. Their meat is famous for bacon and ham. They can grow rapidly and this trait enhanced in the selective breeding process. The average weight of a male pig is 350-400kg while the average weight of a female pig is 250-300kg.

    Large White pig Lifespan

    Like most hogs or pigs, large white pigs will reach sexual maturity at 6 to 7 months of age. They are usually bred when they are 6 months or a year old. The average life expectancy of a Large White pig is 15 to 20 years. A pig or hog can live for much longer than expected if they are healthy and well cared for.

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