Irish Moiled Cow Facts, Weight, Height, Origin, Milk Production

The Irish Moiled is among the unique and most distinguishing indigenous livestock. Originally bred as a dairy cow, it has gained popularity as a true dual-purpose breed, capable of providing both high-quality beef and grass-fed milk.

They are a long-living, productive, and maternal breed that is polled (hornless) and usually red in color, with a white line or 'finching' on the back. The face is frequently mottled or roan, but it can range from white with red ears and nose to almost entirely red.

The name 'Moile' originates from Gaelic and refers to the characteristic dome or mound of the head. Moiled cattle are excellent grazers; they can withstand on very little grass and weeds.  making them ideal for substantial or conservation grazing.

They were originally bred as dairy cows, but they developed a reputation as a dual-purpose breed capable of yielding both sufficient milk and delicious, well-marbled beef with a unique taste. When compared to other varieties, this pedigree breed takes a bit of time to mature, but it is this gradual maturation that brings the beef its deep marbling and scrumptious flavor.

    Irish Moiled Cow Facts

    The Irish Moiled is a polled breed with a wide range of coloration. It is usually red in color with a white outline or 'finching' on the back and underside, but it may also be white with red ears or almost entirely red. They have a calm, docile personality and are usually easy to manage. Irish Moiled bulls are often used in even the smaller herds due to their outstanding temperament. 

    Surplus males sell often as steers aged 20-25 months on a high-quality pasture diet, with carcass weight ranging from 220-260 kg. When the fodder is poor, supplements are necessary, but care must be taken to ensure that it does not become too fat. The beef is of exceptional quality and has a distinct flavor.

    Irish Moiled Cow Facts, Weight, Height, Origin, Milk Production

    Irish Moiled Cow Weight

    The average weight of a fully grown Irish Moiled cow is around 600-650kg while carcass weight ranges from 220-260 kg. They are well known for yielding delicious beef.

    Irish Moiled Cow Height

    The average height of an Irish Moiled cow is 125-135 cm.  There might be a slight difference between the height of the Irish Moiled cow and bull.

    Irish Moiled Cow Origin

    The Irish Moiled is a very rare breed of cattle that originated in Ireland. Originally bred as a dairy cow, but the breed has gained a distinction as a true dual-purpose breed. The breed's numbers decreased in the twentieth century as modern, more advanced breeds supplanted it.

    The decrease was so significant that by the 1970s, only two Northern Ireland breeders, David Swan of Dunsilly and James Nelson of Maymore, were left with more than 30 females.

    Irish Moiled Cow Milk Production

    The nature of Irish Moiled cattle is usually placid, and they are very easy to manage. If they remain in good health and body condition, the cows are very productive and can deliver a calf every 12 months. The cows are also excellent milkers, producing up to 5000 kg of milk per lactation.

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