Blue Laced Barnevelder Chicken Temperament, Egg Production, Size, Lifespan

The Blue Laced Barnevelder is a variant of classic Barnevelder in which the black color lacing on the feathers is substituted with blue lacing. It is comparatively rare and because bluebirds do not breed true, there is often a significant amount of wastage in its production. 

Blue Laced Barnevelders are dark brown egg layers which are also excellent pets. They are dual-purpose birds mostly raised for meat and egg production.

The fact that they have such a calm temperament makes them fun to have around the barn. There's no need to be concerned about the climatic conditions where you reside because these birds are tough and adaptable well to any environment.

The plumage of mature birds is a stunning blend of brownish and scarlet red color with blue lacing braided in between. Chicks are a brownish color with black on their heads and backs. A fully grown female weighs approximately 6 lbs, while a mature male weighs around 7 lbs.

    Blue Laced Barnevelder Chicken Temperament

    They are very laid-back birds that rarely get into a fight with anyone; even the roosters are known to be placid in their temperament. They are always delighted to see you and will welcome you in a low-key chatty manner.

    They converse frequently, but their tone is low and quiet, in contrast to the Rhode Island Reds, who enjoy shouting. They are energetic birds who like and thrive at free-ranging. Because they are submissive, kind, and absolutely kid-friendly, they can be readily domesticated to be pets if started at a young age.

    Blue Laced Barnevelder Chicken Temperament, Egg Production, Size, Lifespan

    Blue Laced Barnevelder Chicken Egg Production

    Each week, they lay 3-4 large brown eggs. Eggs are a deep brownish with very rare instances of speckles. Because they will lay throughout the winter, they are indeed very popular among some community members. The hens are not mainly broody.

    Blue Laced Barnevelder Chicken Size

    A completely grown female weighs around 6 lbs whereas a fully grown male weighs around 7 lbs. Adult birds have a magnificent blend of brownish and fiery red plumage with blue lacing woven in between. Chicks have a brownish tint with black on the tops and backs of their heads.

    Blue Laced Barnevelder Lifespan

    The average lifespan of Blue Laced Barnevelder is around 7 to 8 years. However, it can be increased to few more years if they are raised in a highly favorable environment and have plenty of space to roam freely and get themselves socialize.

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