Campine Chicken Origin, Temperament, Size, Egg Production

Campines are a beautiful Northern European chicken variety known for their big white eggs and attractive appearance. They are not much cold-hardy fowl due to their close-fitting plumage and comparatively big combs, but they can endure some cold due to their development in an area with long winters. Campines are foraging birds who are always on the move.

They were developed primarily for their white shelled eggs and for egg supply. With the exception of size, Campine chicken is identical to Belgian Braekal in every way. Nowadays, Campine chickens are primarily bred and raised for their ornamental qualities rather than for meat and egg production. 

The Campine is distinguished for its solid-colored plumage on the neck and head, which fades into a black barring and then back to solid color.  The Braekel is larger than the Campine. Male and female are nearly identical in appearance due to the male's absence of sickle, hackle, and neck feathering on the tail and anterior chest. The hens do not have a tendency to go broody and are non-sitting fowl. Their earlobes are white and they have a single comb.

    Campine Chicken Origin

    The Campine originated in the Belgian town of La Campine. It emerges from the Turkish chicken. The Campine looks a lot like the Braekel, another breed from the same region. They were introduced to the United States in the 18th century but failed to take a foothold due to their lack of ability to adjust to harsh environments and their lack of endurance. 

    Campine Chicken Origin, Temperament, Size, Egg Production

    Campine Chicken Temperament

    Campine variety is a sturdy and lively breed with an inquisitive temperament. They are excellent foragers and enjoy spending most of their time outside and free-roaming. Campine hens produce a lot of moderate size white eggs. These are not, however, broody. Roosters are stunning and ideal for ornamentation. Despite the fact that these chickens are not the friendliest of creatures, they are rather intrigued creatures who enjoy getting into your company to see what you are up to.

    Campine Chicken Egg Production

    Campines aren't the most productive when it comes to egg-laying, but they could be worse. In a year, these birds lay roughly 156 white eggs. Even though Campines are small, the eggs they lay are somewhat large.

    Campine Chicken Size

    Campines are small chickens that have a skinny physiques. Campines have tight-fitting plumage and rarely weigh more than 6 lbs, giving them a slender appearance. A rooster weighs approximately 6 lbs on average, while a hen weighs approximately 5 lbs.

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