Bocaccio rockfish Facts, Behaviour, Habitat, Lifespan, Identification

Bocaccio is a big Pacific Coast rockfish that grows gradually, matures slowly, and lives longer. They are found between Punta Blanca, Baja California, and the Gulf of Alaska between Krozoff and the Kodiak Islands, but are most prevalent between Oregon and northern Baja California. Like many rockfish species, the spines of the bocaccio can be mildly poisonous and cause unpleasant pain if you unluckily get pricked by one.

    Bocaccio rockfish Facts

    The Bocaccio is one of the bigger rockfish varieties, reaching a maximum length of 3 feet and a lifespan of four to five decades. A Bocaccio measuring 12 inches in length is approximately 3–4 years old, while a fish measuring 2 feet in length is approximately 7–8 years old. Females grow at a faster rate than males, and they also live for a longer period. There is a variation in maturity rates between the northern and southern hemispheres. Males and females in southern California can reach maturity and reproduce when they reach 14 inches in length, while males and females in Northern California can reach maturity and reproduce when they reach 22 to 24 inches in length. 

    They are viviparous rockfish that spawn their larvae in two or more batches throughout the year in Southern California. From January to May, they spawn in Central and Northern California; further north, spawning is restricted to January to March. A single female can deliver more than 2 million eggs in a single season. Initially, the color is olive-brown on the dorsal surface, changing to pink to red on the ventral surface.

    Bocaccio rockfish  Facts, Behaviour, Habitat, Lifespan, Identification

    Bocaccio rockfish Behavior

    Bocaccio rockfish love to stay in shallow water in the form of small groups or alone. Their spines are poisonous and can cause pain and discomfort if someone gets pricked by this fish.

    Bocaccio rockfish Habitat

    Bocaccio rockfish are usually noticed around docks, piers, and in shallow water near rocky reefs, and they can also be found in the kelp canopy. Adults can be identified around heavy reefs and open habitats with an ocean depth of 320 meters or more.

    Bocaccio rockfish Lifespan

    Bocaccio rockfish live a longer lifespan, which is approximately 45 years (4-5 decades).

    Bocaccio rockfish Identification

    Bocaccio has a body form that is elongated and laterally flattened. They possess a pointy skull, a big mouth, and a lower jaw with a knob (symphyseal knob) that extends far beyond the upper jaw. The adult color changes underwater, ranging from pinkish to pink-brown, reddish, or grey, and spreads downwards over the belly. When the colors have been captured, they are usually reddish-brown. Young fish are typically a light bronze color with speckling on the sides and back of their bodies. As bocaccio ages, its color tends to become darker and the speckling on the surface fades away completely. This is a colossal rockfish.

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