Pygmy Sunfish Size, Care, Breeding, Tank Size & Mates

Pygmy sunfish have a lot of types. Pygmy sunfishes are found in the area of the southeast in the United States and are also available in North America. These fishes are in high demand in the market but they exist rarely all over the world. The Pygmy sunfishes are very small in size. These fish are easily adjustable in the small tank. 

    Pygmy Sunfish Size

    Their size may vary from 3 cm to 4 cm. These fishes are very slim and small. They require colorful tanks. In colorful tanks, they remain happy and fit. They also enjoy the company of other small fishes like them. The Pygmy sunfish also has many other types. 

    Pygmy Sunfish Care

    The care of these fishes is not difficult for anyone and almost everyone knows about their care. If you do not know anything about their care you should hire a man who takes good care of them. These Pygmy sunfishes require a lot of water to live a long lifespan. You should check their tank water daily because they do not like to live in dirty water. Make sure when you change their tank water, it should be clean from any type of chemical and bacteria. You should also take care of their diet and health. Dirty water is very dangerous for these fishes.

    Pygmy Sunfish Size, Care, Breeding, Tank Size & Mates

    Pygmy Sunfish Breeding

    If you want to succeed in the breeding of these fishes, you should take a pair of male and several female fishes and put them in a small tank. These fishes spawn under the leaves. They require a colorful and planted aquarium. The Pygmy male fishes protect their eggs from their surroundings. When the Pygmy female fish lay eggs, you should scatter them because sometimes they may eat their eggs. These Pygmy fishes require good quality and healthy food to maintain their health. The baby fish do not require any special diet. 

    Pygmy Sunfish Tank Size

    Pygmy sunfishes are easily adjustable in small tanks because their size is very small. They also require a planted tank because these plants are very good for them and their health. Their tank measurements may vary from 10 gallons to 20 gallons. For a couple of pygmy sunfish 5 gallons of water, tanks are enough. They require normal pH and temperature of the water. These Pygmy sunfishes do not like to be aside towards corners, rather they like to stay in the mid. They require a simple, small, and square-shaped tank or aquarium. These fishes do not feel comfortable in large tanks. 

    Pygmy Sunfish Tank Mates 

    The Pygmy sunfishes are very small fishes. These fishes require other small fishes to play with. They enjoy the company of small fish. They do not feel comfortable with large fish because they do not like them. They easily play with small fish and spend more time with them. The baby fishes also enjoy their company. They become bored and sad when their tank mates are not with them because they always spend time and play with them. The Pygmy sunfishes also require small tanks to live a longer lifespan with their friends. The small tank is very suitable for all of them.

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