Chili Rasbora Size, Breeding, Care, Tank Size & Mates

Chili Rasbora is one of the many types of rasbora fish. These chili Rasbora fishes are mostly available in the areas of Southeast Borneo. They are usually found in freshwater streams, ponds, and lakes. These fishes are very small in size as compared to the other fishes. Their size may vary from 0.7 inches to 1 inch. These fishes normally grow up to 1 inch and not more than this. These Chili Rasbora fishes like to live in freshwater. They do not like to live in dirty and bacterial water for a longer period of time.  

    Chili Rasbora Breeding

    If you want to succeed in the breeding of these fishes, put them together in a perfect ratio. The breeding of these fishes is not difficult. These types of fish continuously spawn. The time when these fishes lay eggs is the time they should be left alone. They do not eat their eggs but still, you can not take the risk. You should separate the female fishes from their eggs in the other large tank. You should keep all of them away from the mosquito rasbora fishes because sometimes the mosquito rasbora fishes eat their eggs. The female chili rasbora fishes lay eggs in the middle of the large tank. 

    Chili Rasbora Size, Breeding, Care, Tank Size & Mates

    Chili Rasbora Care

    Care is very important for these fishes and it is not difficult for anyone. If you do not know about their care you should hire a man who knows everything about them. You should take good care of them. If you do not take good care of them they will die soon. These fishes live a longer lifespan in freshwater. If you do not check their tank water regularly and let them live in bacterial water for a long time, these fishes will die soon. You should check their tank water regularly. Make sure when you change their water it is purified from any bacteria and chemicals 

    Chili Rasbora Tank Size

    These fishes are very small in size. These chili rasbora fishes like to live in large tanks. Sometimes, these fishes are easily adjustable in the small tanks but you should mostly provide them with larger tanks. They require a lot of water to live a longer lifespan. Their water measurements may vary from 3 gallons to 5 gallons. Each couple of these fishes requires 1 gallon to 2 gallons of water to live a longer lifespan. They require a lot of directions in the aquarium. They also require a planted and colorful aquarium.

    Chili Rasbora Tank Mates

    The chili rasbora fishes are very small and they also like to play with small fishes who look like them. They do not feel comfortable with large fish. Sometimes large fishes eat these fish instead of food. You should provide them with good quality food. They like to swim with a group of small fishes in the same aquarium. They love to play with them and also feel comfortable with small fish who look like all of them. They play with large fishes but do not feel comfortable with them. When they play with their tank mates, they stay fit and healthy.

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