Sharpnose Puffer Size, Care, Teeth, Diet

The Sharpnose Puffer is a member of the Puffer or Tetraodontidae Family. It is also referred to as the Caribbean Sharpnose Puffer and tamborn narizón or just botete in Mexico. The body of the Sharpnose Puffer is sturdy and moderately compacted, with a depth of 40 to 50% of its normal length. They have a dark dorsal colour that fades to a yellowish-brown colour in the mid-body and ventrally. Their mid and lower parts are covered in small blue spots, and they have a series of blue lines extending from their eyes, prominent vertical lines on the base of their caudal fin, and a continuous horizontal line on top of their caudal fin base that transforms to spots beneath their dorsal fin. They have a distinctive yellow tail with large dark borders, making them easy to spot.

    Sharpnose Puffer Size

    These fishes are also known as saddled toby because they have saddles on their backside that are brown in color. These Sharpnose pufferfish are small in size. Their size may vary from 4 inches to 5 inches and they do not grow more than these inches. 

    Sharpnose Puffer Size, Care, Teeth, Diet

    Sharpnose Puffer Care

    If you are interested in keeping these fishes at home, you must take good care of them. It would be best if you provide them with the best food. These fishes want to live in freshwater for a long time because they feel happy and fresh in it. If you do not take good care of these fishes, they will die soon. The expectancy of their life decreases when they are left in dirty water for a long time. To reduce the chances of mortality, you should check their water daily and make sure the water is free of any impurity or chemicals. 

    Sharpnose Puffer Teeth

    The Sharpnose pufferfish have some sharp teeth. There may be some problems associated with their teeth. Their teeth may grow larger in size and it would be best if you took them to a veterinary doctor. Doctors cut their teeth to their normal size with the help of a cuticle clipper. Their diet plays an important role in growing their teeth. They may require special care of their teeth. If you do not take care of their teeth, they will break immediately. The care of their teeth plays a very important role in the life of these Sharpnose pufferfish. 

    Sharpnose Puffer Diet

    A good diet makes all living organisms healthy. Provide them with a healthy and good quality diet for their health and fitness. If you do not take care of their diet, they will die soon because their life is dependent on certain factors. These fishes can survive on some frozen foods, live insects, and small animals who live in the water. They like mussels, prawns, and small crabs. This type of food is very good for their health. Other than these, you can provide them with artificial food and supplements. With a good quality diet, these fishes are most likely to live a longer lifespan.

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