Uaru Cichlid Size, Breeding, Care, Tank Size & Mates

Uaru cichlid is a fish variety. The Uaru cichlid fishes are available in the areas of South America. These fishes are found in rivers, lakes, and ponds. The Uaru cichlid fishes are very sensitive. Sometimes these fishes are found near the rocks and plants in the aquarium. These Uaru cichlid fishes mostly live on the upper side of the water. They are small to medium. When you measure their size, they may vary from 12 inches to 14 inches. These fishes are not common in the local markets and stores.

    Uaru Cichlid Breeding

    The breeding of these Uaru cichlid fishes is very difficult. If you want to succeed in the breeding of these fishes, you may take a pair of these fishes and put them in a single large tank. A small tank is not suitable for their breeding. These Uaru cichlid fishes do not eat their eggs. Both of the parent fishes protect their eggs. You should not change their aquarium after breeding. When you see your female fishes are getting round in shape, you may leave them alone for a long time because the female fishes require time and privacy for breeding.

    Uaru Cichlid Size, Breeding, Care, Tank Size & Mates

    Uaru Cichlid Care

    Care is very important in the life of every living organism. These fishes require good care from an experienced man. If you do not take good care of these Uaru cichlid fishes they will suffer from any disease. If you do not know about the care of these fishes you should hire a man who knows everything about their care. These Uaru cichlid fishes live in both brackish and normal water. If you do not check their tank water for a long time they will die eventually. When you change their tank water make sure it is purified from any chemical or bacteria. 

    Uaru Cichlid Tank Size

    The Uaru cichlid fishes are small in size but they require a large tank to live. These fishes do not feel comfortable in the small tank. They require a lot of water to live a longer lifespan. Their measurements may vary from 70 gallons to 75 gallons but the measurements of water are enough for a small pair of these fishes. Large size pairs of these fishes require more water and their measurements may vary from 150 gallons to 200 gallons. 

    Uaru Cichlid Tank Mates

    These Uaru cichlid fishes are small and they also like to live with small fishes. They do not like large fishes because large fishes eat these types of small fishes instead of food. That is why they do not feel comfortable with large fishes. They love to play with small fishes that are similar to their size. These Uaru cichlid fishes spend more time with intelligent fishes and stay active. These fishes are suitable to pair with the fishes who live on the upper and lower side of the tank. These fishes do not feel comfortable in the middle of the tank.

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