Zebra Loach Facts, Size, Care, Breeding

Zebra Loach is a fish that looks like a zebra. These Zebra Loach fishes mostly found in streams and rivers. Zebra Loach fishes are available in the markets and stores of Western India. These fishes love to live a long time in one place. They do not change to another place in a month or even a year. These fishes are easy to keep in aquariums, which is why these fishes are well-known as aquarist fishes. These fishes are easy to care for and they also live a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may vary from 8 years to 15 years in the aquarium. 

    Zebra Loach Facts

    Zebra Loach fishes are available in many shades and these are yellow, gray, brown, blue, and greenish. They have vertical stripes on all of their body. These stripes are in black-to-brownish color. These stripes are prominent on their fins, as their fins are translucent, which is why you can easily see the stripes on their fins. These fishes are so attractive and their pattern is very unique that is why people love these fishes. The stripes on their fins are different from the stripes on their body. The angle of their mouth is downward. They have dorsal fins that are very thick.

    Zebra Loach Facts, Size, Care, Breeding

    Zebra Loach Size

    The Zebra Loach fish are small to medium. When you measure their length from head to tail they may vary from 3 inches to 4 inches. These fishes are normal as compared to the other small fishes. These Zebra Loach fishes like to live in small aquariums. These fishes are very different from the other fishes. They also do not require so much water to live. 

    Zebra Loach Care

    The care of these fishes is very easy. These Zebra Loach fishes live in freshwater. You can easily buy these fishes from the Western Indian markets and stores and you would love them. You can take these fishes in the home aquarium but check their water daily. They do not live in bacterial water for a long time. You should provide a small aquarium which is decorated with plants and rocks. Sometimes these fishes hide behind the rocks and plants. These Zebra Loach fishes require normal temperature and 6.5 to 7.5 pH of water. 

    Zebra Loach Breeding

    The breeding of these fishes is neither difficult nor easy. If you have these Zebra Loach fishes in the home aquarium you should take them to a commercial area. They have some hormonal issues that is why these fishes breed in the commercial area. The process of their breeding is not long at all. You should check your fish daily. If you cannot take your fish in a commercial area you should take good care of them and provide excellent maintenance. If your fishes  do not breed even in commercial areas you should seek help from a professional and experienced person.

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