Zebra Tilapia Size, Care, Breeding, Tank Size, Tank Mates

Zebra Tilapia is a species that is considered the most popular among the other species. These species live in freshwater and are primarily found in rivers and lakes. These Zebra Tilapia species are also found in Western Africa. They have some familiar names, and the most famous one is Hetero tilapia Buttikoferi. These Zebra Tilapia Species are medium to large compared to the other species. If you measure their length, they may vary from 10 inches to 12 inches. These fishes never grow above 12 inches. Their size may vary from fish to fish. They also live a longer lifespan.

    Zebra Tilapia Care

    These species love freshwater and do not like dirty water to live in. If you wish to keep them in a home aquarium, you must become an excellent caretaker. If you do not know how to take care of these species, hiring an experienced man who knows everything about their care would be better. You should change their tank water regularly. Ensure the water is purified by bacteria, fungi, and other impurities. These species will die soon if they live in the bacterial water for a long time. Care is also required regarding their diet and health.

    Zebra Tilapia Size, Care, Breeding, Tank Size, Tank Mates

    Zebra Tilapia Breeding

    The breeding of these species is very easy. If you want to breed them for best results, take two males and a group of females and put them in the same tank. They have an exciting breeding pattern that is carried out seasonally. These Zebra Tilapia species feel comfortable in farms and aquariums for breeding. They act aggressively during the process of breeding. The female fish lay many eggs at a time, and the male fish take care of their eggs. It would help not separate their parents when the female fish lays eggs because they will not harm the larvae or eggs.

    Zebra Tilapia Tank Size

    The Zebra Tilapia species require more water to live than the other relative species. Their water requirements may vary from 120 gallons to 125 gallons. This requirement is enough for a single fish. The adults and a pair of these species require more water than the single one. The water requirements may vary from 130 gallons to 140 gallons for a couple of Zebra Tilapia fishes. They need an average water temperature or freshwater for free swimming. They do not feel comfortable in the small tank because of their large size. These Zebra Tilapia species also require a specific pH of the water that is 7.8 to 8.6. 

    Zebra Tilapia Tank Mates

    These Zebra Tilapia species do not like to live around small fish. These species love to live and play with large fishes with a similar appearance. If the small fishes are placed in a tank with them, they may get eaten by the Zebra Tilapia. The tank will be no safer for the small fish, so avoidance should be considered. These fishes play with large-sized fish and spend more time with them. They do not like a bigger group of large fish around them. They all feel easy in the large tank where they can play and move around.

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