Julidochromis Marlieri Size, Care, Tank Size, Tank Mates

The Julidochromis Marlieri fishes are the best fishes for adults. These fishes are simple and peaceful. Their temperament and behavior are moderate and counted as unique from other fishes. These fishes look very beautiful. They have some common names: Marlier’s Julie and the other one is Julidochromis Jouyi. These fishes can be easily found in the lakes and the regions of Africa. It would be great if you bought these Julidochromis Marlieri fishes from the commercial markets. These Julidochromis Marlieri fishes also live longer, varying from 5 years to 7 years. 

    Julidochromis Marlieri Size

    The Julidochromis Marlieri fishes are small to medium in size. Their size may vary from 5 inches to 6 inches from head to tail. These fishes can not grow more than these inches. The male and female of these Julidochromis Marlieri fishes are not the same in size. The male fishes are small as compared to the females. Their care, diet, and health play an important role in their growth and development. They may also have some health issues. If you want to protect them from diseases, you should take good care. These Julidochromis Marlieri fishes are also available in different common colors, merely found in the freshwater.

    Julidochromis Marlieri Size, Care, Tank Size, Tank Mates

    Julidochromis Marlieri Care

    The Julidochromis Marlieri fishes require special care. If you provide them with perfect care, they live a longer lifespan than their expectancy. They live in freshwater and would also adjust to the fresh tank water. If they are kept in dirty water, they will die soon. You should check their tank water daily and change it regularly. Make sure when you change their tank water, it is purified of any chemicals and bacteria. Dirty water is very dangerous for these fishes and their skin. They cannot even swim comfortably in bacterial water, so it should be cleaned regularly. 

    Julidochromis Marlieri Tank Size

    The Julidochromis Marlieri fishes are small, but they require a large tank to live. In freshwater, they can swim easily and feel happy and secure from critical health issues. The amounts of water required may range from 10 gallons to 20 gallons, but these requirements are only suitable for a pair or a single fish. The water requirement should not be less than 10 gallons but could exceed 20 gallons if necessary. They can neither swim easily nor balance their fins in their tank in a lesser amount of water. Other groups of fish in the same tank require more water as well. That is why you should keep them in a large tank.  

    Julidochromis Marlieri Tank Mates 

    The Julidochromis Marlieri fishes are non-aggressive. They like almost all types of fish available in the same tank. They are playful and would like to spend time with fellow fishes. They are not choosy about their tank mates. They do not tease other fish. The fellow fishes or tank mates do not even threaten their eggs. Their tankmates also enjoy their company and want to spend more time with them. They love all fish, including males and females. The most peaceful tank mates are available as peaceful Mbuna and Lake Malawi cichlids.

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