Mini Lamancha Characteristics, Size, Milk Production, Price

A small breed of dairy goat called the Mini-LaMancha is prized for its uniform, regular output of relatively high butterfat and calm, placid temperament. It is the sole breed that was created in America, making it a true "made in America breed." A Nigerian dwarf dairy goat and a regular Lamancha dairy goat were crossed to create this smaller breed. 

Mini Lamancha Characteristics, Size, Milk Production, Price


Mini-LaManchas are characterized by the following features:


Mini-LaManchas are available in miniature, medium, and large sizes, with fully developed lactating does weighing between 90 and 120 lbs.


Mini-LaManchas have either "Gopher" or "Elf"-style ears. Elf ears have some cartilage and usually have a point that rotates up or down, whereas Gopher ears lack cartilage but have a ring of skin around the auditory canal. While both ear varieties are recognized in the American and Purebred herdbooks, in order to be registered as American or Purebred, bucks are required to have Gopher ears.


Due to their tranquil, quiet, and affable temperament, Mini-LaManchas are ideally adapted for urban dairies.

Milk Production

Despite their diminutive stature, mini Lamancha goats are renowned for their remarkable milk-producing skills. They can yield 1 to 2 quarts of milk every day on average. Mini-LaManchas demonstrate extended, regular lactations accompanied by resilience, an optimal discharge response, well-developed teats, and udder capacity, and a strong desire to produce milk. They provide thicker milk than typical dairy goats.


Mini-LaManchas have straight faces, and short, fine, lustrous hair. Their erect face and small ears offer them a refined appearance that goes well with their playful and inquisitive disposition.

Mini-LaManchas come in a variety of sizes, from smaller to large, as well as a wide array of colors and combinations. Some lines are larger and better suited for milk production, while others are smaller and better suited for pet use. They can be used for both commercial milk production and as pets.


Miniature Lamancha goat prices may fluctuate in accordance with variables including sex, age, and registration status. The following pricing ranges correspond to several Mini Lamancha goat categories:


The cost of little Lamancha doelings typically starts at $195 and goes up as they get older.


Package deals for wethers (castrated males) begin at $45 or more, with intact bucklings possibly fetching a higher price.


Mini Lamancha bucks that are unregistered and in good condition can be purchased for $75 to $100. 

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