Rampuri Aseel Murga Origin, Characteristics, Fight, Price

A breed of gamefowl called Rampuri Aseel is distinguished by its small, muscular physique. The roosters weigh between 4.5 to 6.5 pounds and can grow as tall as 19 inches. They are categorized as gamefowl belonging to the "Rajah" category. 

    Rampuri Aseel Murga Origin

    The Rampuri Aseel gamefowl originated in the northern Indian district of Rampur. The breed is renowned for its small and powerful build. In Arabic, the word "Aseel" or "Asil" denotes pure or thoroughbred. Rampuri Aseel, a gamefowl belonging to the "Rajah" category, is well-known for its unique traits.

    Rampuri Aseel Murga Origin, Characteristics, Fight, Price

    Rampuri Aseel Murga Characteristics

    The Rampuri Aseel is a gamefowl breed distinguished by its unique characteristics. A few of this breed's distinguishing characteristics are:

    Size: Roosters weigh between 4.5 to 6.5 pounds and can grow to a height of up to 19 inches.

    Build: The breed has broad shoulders, thick-boned legs, an upright posture, and is compact and muscular.

    Feathers: Rampuri Aseel is identified by its short, stiff, glossy feathers.

    Temperament: They are frequently bred for cockfighting and are well-known for their fighting ability. The breed is thought to be intelligent, and the cocks are quite docile and simple to handle.

    Rampuri Aseel Murga Fighting

    In the Indian subcontinent, gamefowl, particularly the Rampuri Aseel breed, has long been utilized as a form of entertainment and gaming due to its fighting capabilities. The breed is renowned for its bravery, power, and aggressive nature. When it comes to fighting, Rampuri Aseel's key traits are as follows:

    Strength: They are suited for cockfighting since Rampuri Aseel is renowned for their bravery and strength.

    Aggressive Behavior: For generations, the breed has been utilized in cockfighting due to its reputation for violent nature.

    Winning Ability: With some fighters boasting high win percentages, Rampuri Aseel is well-known for its winning proficiency in cockfighting.

    Compact and Muscular Build: The breed's ability to fight is aided by its muscular and compact structure.

    Intelligence: Rampuri Aseel is thought to be intelligent, which may contribute to their cockfighting success.

    Rampuri Aseel Murga Price

    The cost of Rampuri Aseel varies according to its origin and the type. The following are typical pricing for Rampuri Aseel:

    Rampuri Aseel Hen: Rs 10,000–15,000

    Female Aseel Breeder Rampuri Blood Lasani Oldblood: around Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000

    Aseel Murga Rampuri: Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000

    Aseel Chicks: Rs 1000 / Piece

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