Galwa Aseel Murga Characterisitcs & Price

The Galwa Aseel is a specific breed of game chicken found in Pakistan. This Aseel breed is one of the rarest breeds to be discovered in its pure form in Pakistan, and this particular breed is considered to be one of the purest variants of the Aseel breed.

Galwa Aseel Murga Characterisitcs & Price

Galwa Aseel Murga Characteristics

Galwa Aseel is a breed that is admired by people who are passionate about cockfighting because of its reputation for powerful fighting qualities. Their features include a long, thin face covered in feathers, a uniformly thick and long neck, a small, round torso with wide breasts, a straight back, and a powerful tail root that is near to the body. The general feather adorns the breast sparsely and is nearly nonexistent. The feathers are quite stiff and the plumage is not fluffy.

Galwa Aseel Murga Price in Pakistan

The Galwa Aseel breed's price varies according to the seller's location, gender, and age. In Pakistan, the cost of a Galwa Aseel breed varies based on its purity and can reach Rs 16,000  to 70,000.

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