How to Train a PeekaPoo to Stay

Peekapoo are the intelligent dogs which can learn things faster but it is a difficult task to train a peekapoo for one thing. Peekapoo are designer dogs with best qualities. It is a fusion breed of two royal dog breeds i.e. poodle and pekingees. The training of peekapoo starts from the 1st year of his age. The training starts from the basic antiquate and behavior. Peekapoos are fast learners. The basic training is about sitting, walking, barking, coming and staying. Here are some good tips which should be followed while training a peekapoo.

Training a peekapoo to stay is a difficult task because they are active dogs and loved to move around and discover new things. They love to walk to socialize and find new friends. But command of staying at a place is for their safety. They are lap dogs and moody too. They can spend the whole day lying in the lap of their master but their mood changes suddenly and they can easily convince their master to take them out for outing.

How to Train a PeekaPoo to Stay

To train a peekapoo for staying at one place needs humbleness and calmness. Peekapoo will not follow the instructions properly in the 1st 3, 4 attempts, so don't be panic and harsh on them. Let them understand the command. Whenever he starts moving around, ask him to sit and stay still. For staying, peekapoo should be 1st trained about sitting. When he start sitting properly, give him a command to stay still. You can do this by stretching your arm in front of you and then spread your fingers and move your hand in nodded style. Peekapoo will understand that his master is saying him to sit and stay at a place.

Try to appreciate your dog for even a single thing he learns on daily basis. Give him treats for the small lessons he learn. The treat should be their favourite. In this way they will try to learn things faster for the treat. That's how peekapoo will be trained enough to move around in the society with confidence and can protect themselves in dangerous situations. They will be trained enough to sit and stay at a place in case they get lost in market or crowded area. They are small sized dogs and can easily be covered in crowd.

Whenever the master command a peekapoo to stay at a place and hold a treat in hand to attract him. If the peekapoo stay at one place even the master moved to the other room then he is trained to obedience. He will over his master in every situation. Peekapoo will be awarded for the obedience and will willingly stay for the treat. Though it is a difficult task but not impossible. The master should give peekapoo a chance to obey him properly. Haste makes waste, resembles a lot with the situation i.e. if you want your dog to be fully trained in 2nd or 3rd attempt then you may lose him.

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