PeekaPoo Yorkie Mix Personality, Size, Temperament, Growth

Peekapoo Yorkie mix is a fusion of two main dogs breed i.e. peekapoo and Yorkie. Peekapoo is a designer breed which itself is a fusion of two main breeds i.e. pekingese and poodle. Peekapoo Yorkie mix breed is one of the rare breeds because peekapoo is also considered as rare breed. Peekapoo Yorkie mix dogs are apparently resembles with a lot with peekapoo but have fur on them. Heavy and long hair fur is present on their body which indicates that it is a fusion of Yorkie and peekapoo. Yorkipoo is another dog which is fusion of Yorkie and poodle dog.

    Peekapoo Yorkie Mix Personality

    Peekapoo Yorkie mix dogs has the personality traits of both the parent breeds. Peekapoo is a loyal and loveable dog with a little bit of aggressive nature. They are quite choosy about food and things. Yorkie are smart and independent. When we breed peekapoo and Yorkie dogs, we never know what will be the resultant qualities or personality may be. The resultant breed may have all the negative qualities of both the breeds or have all the positive qualities of both the breeds. They may appear cute or may appear ugly. It all depends on the genes.

    PeekaPoo Yorkie Mix Personality, Size, Temperament, Growth

    Peekapoo Yorkie Mix Sizes

    Peekapoo Yorkie mix breed has an average size of 7 to 9 inches. As they are fusion of peekapoo and Yorkie breed and both of these breeds are small sized dog breeds so the resultant will be of small size too. Peekapoo are 9 to 12 inches in height normally and Yorkie has a height range of 8 to 9 inches. Yorkies are even smaller than peekapoos so their fusion dog breed will be of small size too. When two small sized breeds are fused together the resultant is of very small size according to the genes transfered.

    Peekapoo Yorkie Mix Temperament

    Peekapoo are loveable, charming and adorable dogs with a little bit of aggressive nature. Yorkie are the dogs with very little size but are independent. They are small in size but are smokey and work as a world war 2 hero. Peekapoo Yorkie mix breed has the mixture of qualities. They Are not aggressive but when they find something offensive, they can fight against it and become a hero. Peekapoos are protectors of family so the resultant of peekapoo and Yorkie have the trait of protection. They may lose their temperament if they found something offensive.

    Peekapoo Yorkie Mix Growth

    Talking about the growth of peekapoo Yorkie mix breed. They are small sized dogs with long fur on their body. They have heavy fur coat on their body. They need high maintenance because of their silky hair coat. Peekapoos have small hair coat and do not shed. Peekapoos rarely shed their coat but in peekapoo Yorkie mix breed, they shed their coat and needs high maintenance. They become dirty readily. Peekapoo Yorkie mix puppies are rare ones and become adult within a year.

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