Patient Consultation CPT Code

Patient or client consultation is the physician’s or health care assistance which a patient requires regarding his condition. The diagnostic tests (following professional advice) help to diagnose the condition and to make the therapeutic interventions. The health care professional’s advice can benefit patients in many ways.

    Inpatient Consult CPT Codes

    Inpatient is a patient admitted in the hospital. The inpatient consultation is the service provided in the hospital admitted patients regarding their health. It is an advice or opinion which is provided by a healthcare professional to the patient. The CPT code of inpatient consultation is 99221- 23.

    Patient Consultation CPT Code

    New Patient Consult CPT Code

    New patient consult is the consultation of a new patient outdoors or admitted in hospital. The consultation of a new patient is performed under the CPT code range 99201- 05. The consultation is a piece of advice which is provided to the patient regarding his health.

    CPT Code For Consultation With Specialist

    If the consultation is provided by the specialist to the patient regarding his condition, this procedure is registered under the CPT code 99446- 99451. The specialist provides detailed consultation to the patient about his disease or disorder. If a patient is having problems in the eye, then he should consult an ENT specialist.

    Office Consultation CPT Code

    Office consultation means advice or opinion provided by a healthcare professional in the hospital. The patient may be visiting outdoors or in hospital, the following CPT code is coded 99241. Usually experts or specialists give advice to the patient regarding his disease or medical condition.

    Phone Consultation CPT Code

    The consultation provided on phone is known as phone consultation. The patient takes expert opinion or advice on the phone about the disorder or disease he is having. The diagnostic tests are not required in telephonic consultation. The CPT code used for phone consultation is 99441- 99433.

    CPT Code For Hospital Consult

    If a patient is visiting hospital for consultation then this is coded as 99221- 99223. This code is reported for initial visit of patient and 99231- 99233 codes are reported for repeated visit of patients. The patient is well consulted about his medical condition.

    Neurology Consult CPT Code

    If a patient is having any neurological disorder, then a neurologist is required for consultation. The neurological consultation requires detailed information regarding his medical condition. The diagnostic tests help to diagnose and make therapeutic interventions. The CPT code for neurology consult is in the range of 99251- 99255.

    CPT Code For Follow Up Consultation

    Patients having complicated cases may require follow up consultations about their medical condition. These follow up consultations help patients to follow treatment regimens heartly. These followup consultations may be provided in the office or on call. The CPT code for these follow up consultation is 99211- 99215.

    CPT Code For Office Consultation Low Complexity Medical Decision Making

    Patient having less complex medical conditions requires consultation and medical decision regarding his problem. This consultation is usually provided in office by the healthcare professional. Three basic steps are included during consultation i.e. detailed history, examination and decision. The CPT code is 99243.

    CPT Code For Pain Management Consult

    Pain management requires consultation of a healthcare professional. The pain can be managed with tablets or injectables. The doses of painkillers require consultation to choose the drug wisely and use accurately. The CPT code for pain management consult is 20610.

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