Tarentaise Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Tarentaise is a domestic cattle breed known for both meat and milk production. Their descendants were also domestic and located in the Tarentaise valley, France. So, these cattle are named after the valley where they originated. For thousands of years, these cattle were isolated from other cattle breeds. They are raised to adapt to the high altitude climatic conditions and land specifications. As these cattle were isolated from the other breeds for years, the mixing with other breeds has hardly been experienced. The primary purpose of raising this breed was milk production but now this breed is known for beef production.

    Tarentaise Cattle Pros

    Tarentaise cattle are dual-purpose animals. Both the milk and meat are of high quality. Their milk has good butterfat content. On average, Tarentaise cattle can produce milk up to 5500 kg per lactation. Their lactation period lasts for up to 305 days. They can survive in high altitudes and rough, steep lands. They can easily adapt to the large temperature variations. They have a longer life span as compared to other breeds. Their fertility rate is good and gets mature at the early stages of life. The requirements for their maintenance are not much. Their lactation period lasts longer than other breeds.

    Tarentaise Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

    Tarentaise Cattle Cons

    Tarentaise cattle are bred almost perfectly. There are no disadvantages in terms of their lifestyle and productivity. But these cattle do not have marketing importance. As these were isolated from other cattle breeds for many years, their marketing importance becomes low. Another main disadvantage associated with them is the location of their origin. These cattle are raised on mountains and farmers having flat pastures usually do not prefer them. Tarentaise cattle do not lie in the most popular breeds with great marketing importance like Angus. Their traits are not known by everyone. Tarentaise cattle are now getting in the market and it will take time to become famous and demanded.

    Tarentaise Cattle Facts

    These are medium to large-sized cattle with a well-muscled body. Their skin is tan and sometimes a dark spot is observed around eyes, in the case of bulls, it is on the neck. Their hooves, udders, and nose are of distinct black color. They have concave heads with a wide forehead. Their neck is well muscled and thick. Tarentaise cattle are found both polled and horned. The size of cows is smaller as compared to the bulls. Their udders have finger sized teats of darkly pigmented color. The average weight of a Tarentaise cow is about 408 to 590 kg whereas the average weight of bulls is about 725 to 953 kg.

    Tarentaise Cattle Price

    The Tarentaise cattle are not trending in the market. Their prices are not too high. Nowadays farmers are breeding them with other cattle breeds for better traits. The average price of these cattle is about 1500 dollars. This price may vary according to the location and their weight. Sometimes a standard rate per kg is set to calculate their weight. So heavier the cattle is, high will be the price. Only a pure Tarentaise is worth 1500 dollars. All other half-bred are not that worthy. Their quality of milk and beef is sold in the market at high rates for profit.

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