Blackhead Persian Sheep Facts, Weight, Height, Meat & Milk Production

The Blackhead Persian is an African household sheep breed with a fat tail. The sheep is an immediate descendant of the Somali sheep and is initially from Somalia. The breed is also classified as a hair sheep, which means they lack wool and are more tolerant of high temperatures than wooled breeds. They are mainly raised for meat purposes.  The Persian blackhead has a white body and a complete blackhead, as his name suggests.

It is a fat-rumped breed with polled males and females. The breed is often noted in South Africa where it is occasionally referred to as Swartkoppersie (Afrik.). It also made its way to the tropical areas of the Caribbean region many years ago via South Africa. In Brazil, it is referred to as the Somalis Brasileira, the Brazilian Somalia, or the Somali Blackhead.

The Brazilian sheep breeders Society recognizes it as an official breed. They have a white body with a black head and neck making them easy to differentiate from one another. They have a large rump, short legs, and a compact body shape. The average litter size in the Caribbean region was 1.08, and the 95-day lamb weight was approximately 13 kg. 

    Blackhead Persian Sheep Facts

    The Blackhead Persian is a polled breed that lacks horns in both genders. It has a blackhead, a long distended ear, a white body, and a black neck, separated by a distinct line between the 2 colors. Fat has accumulated on the rump and at the base of the tail. The breed was developed primarily for the significant amount of fat stored in the tail area, which provided resilience in desert areas and was highly valued for cooking.

    Blackhead Persian Sheep Facts, Weight, Height, Meat & Milk Production

    Blackhead Persian Sheep Weight

    Fully grown rams weigh an equivalent of 68 kg (150 pounds) and ewes weigh 52 kg (115 pounds). Rams and ewes weigh nearly 2.6 kg at birth (5.7 pounds). Ewes lactate for about 84 days and yield 50 kg (110 pounds) of milk with a fat content of 5.9 percent.

    Blackhead Persian Sheep Height

    The average height of an adult Blackhead Persian Sheep at the withers is 55-60 cm. Height is nearly identical between the genders. This is one of the most fertile sheep breeds in its homeland; it is hornless, has a long body, and a light coat of hair.

    Blackhead Persian Sheep Meat Quality

    Blackhead Persian is a sheep breed mainly raised for meat purposes. It yields a good amount of meat with extra fat content. It is a fat-rumped breed and its fat is often utilized in cooking some native food recipes.

    Blackhead Persian Sheep Milk Production

    Blackhead Persian sheep breed yield approximately 50 kg (110 pounds) milk per lactation. Blackhead Persian sheep milk contains enough amount fat content which around 5.9%.

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