Celebes Rainbowfish Size, Breeding, Care, Lifespan, Water Parameters, Tankmates

The Celebes Rainbowfish (Marosatherina ladigesi) is a rare rainbowfish species that is only found in the rivers of Sulawesi, Indonesia. It dwells in big groups in densely vegetated environments, making it a great option for a planted aquarium, where it especially appreciates the floating plant cover. Males exhibit iridescent blue and yellow coloring on their bodies and fins, which is especially noticeable when they are battling against other males. With age, the second dorsal and anal fins of males grow large and fan-like in appearance. Females are often smaller and less colorful than males, but they are still highly tempting.

The Celebes Rainbowfish coexists peacefully with other fish of comparable size and can also be housed alongside friendly invertebrates that are too large to be labeled as prey. When it reaches adulthood, it may prey on dwarf shrimp, despite the fact that they do not have a particularly huge mouth. When this fish is housed in schools of six or more, including numerous males, in a thickly planted, roomy aquarium, the most vivid color will be displayed to ensure that subdominant males are not continually disturbed by dominant males. This is a freshwater fish, yet it can adapt to survive in gently brackish water. This demonstrates the Celebes Rainbowfish's toughness, despite the fact that this fish does not do well in soft water.

While this fish will readily accept high-quality flake foods, it should also be provided with a variety of small frozen or raw meaty items to maintain its health and color. Due to the gentle temperament of the Celebes Rainbowfish, it is easily out-competed for food by more aggressive eaters. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that it receives its fair share.

The rainbowfish family as a whole is trendy in freshwater aquaria due to its members' generally placid temperament, resilience, and stunning colors. The Celebes Rainbowfish is one of a few popular rainbowfish species that is suitable for keeping alongside dwarf shrimp and other nano fish species. 

    Celebes Rainbowfish Size

    Celebes Rainbowfish grow to be 3 inches in length and can survive up to 5 years in an aquarium. Celebes Rainbowfish should be kept in a tank with a specific gravity of approximately 1.004.

    Celebes Rainbowfish Breeding

    Rainbowfish can easily mate with members of various genera, unlike other creatures. Hybrids between the New Guinea rainbowfish (Melanotaenia affinis) and the Highlands rainbowfish (Chilatherina campsi) have been discovered in the wild. Use water that is approximately 70 to 73 ° F (21-23 ° C). The couple will breed among plant leaves after courtship. The breeding season might last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. The first batch of eggs, numbering 30-50, is laid among the plants.

    Celebes Rainbowfish Size, Breeding, Care, Lifespan, Water Parameters, Tankmates

    Celebes Rainbowfish Care

    The Celebes Rainbowfish, despite their small size, are quite active and require at least 20 liters of water to swim in. To prevent leaps, the tank must be completely covered. To keep the fish healthy, the aquarist must frequently perform routine water changes of 25-50% per week.

    Celebes Rainbowfish Lifespan

    The average lifespan of a Celebes Rainbowfish is around 4-5 years in an aquarium.

    Celebes Rainbowfish Water Parameters

    The Celebes rainbowfish is a placid aquarium fish that may be kept in small aquariums. It reaches a height of 7.5 cm (3 inches). It eats cooked dishes as well as small live foods. It enjoys temperatures between 20 to 28 ° C (68 and 82 ° F), a pH of 7.0 to 7.5, and a hardness of 150 to 200 milligrams per liter.

    Celebes Rainbowfish Tank Mates

    Good tankmates include various species, such as rainbowfish, livebearers, and freshwater gobies, that prefer hard water. When kept in a brackish tank, it can be kept with smaller, more tranquil species such as mollies, halfbeaks, gobies, and so on.

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