Galaxy Rasbora Size, Breeding, Care, Tank Size & Mates

Galaxy Rasbora has many other types that are available in southern areas. The Galaxy Rasbora fishes are available in the black water of ponds, streams, and lakes. These fishes are available in different attractive and bright colors. These Galaxy Rasbora fishes are very small in size. Their size may vary from 1 inch to 1.5 inches. These types of fishes normally grow about 1.5 inches, not more than that. Their noses are in blunt shape. 

    Galaxy Rasbora Breeding

    If you want to succeed in the breeding of these fishes. You should take a pair of these male fishes with a group of female fishes and put all of them in a large tank. When you see the female fishes with round body shapes, it is time to leave them alone. These fishes like to spawn behind the large leaves. When these female fishes lay eggs, you need to separate their parents in the other large tank. They require a large tank and also like to live in planted and colorful tanks. These fishes feel happy and comfortable in large and colorful tanks.

    Galaxy Rasbora Size, Breeding, Care, Tank Size & Mates

    Galaxy Rasbora Care 

    If you do not have enough knowledge about their care, you should hire someone who is expert in this field. These fishes require a large tank. They love to live in black water. If you do not change their tank water for a long time, they may get sick. These fishes can easily swim in large-sized tanks. When you change their tank water make sure it is purified of any type of chemical and bacteria. They require a lot of directions in the aquarium. 

    Galaxy Rasbora Tank Size 

    These Galaxy Rasbora fishes feel comfortable in larger tanks. These fishes require a lot of water to live a long and healthy lifespan. Their measurements of water may vary from 10 gallons to 20 gallons. For one couple of these fishes, 5 gallons of water is enough. They require a planted aquarium. These fishes do not feel comfortable in a small tank and may feel suffocated. They may not live long in small and suffocated tanks. If you do not clean their tank water daily they will die soon. If you want to take these fishes to home aquariums you should also clean their water daily. 

    Galaxy Rasbora Tank Mates 

    The Galaxy Rasbora fishes are very small in size. These fishes also feel comfortable with other small fishes. They love to play with these fish who look like them. They do not like to play with large fish. If you put all of them in a small tank with bigger fish they do not feel comfortable, and also they become sad and bored. These fishes and their tank mates like to live in black water. They can easily swim and balance their fins in the black water of the large tanks. A planted aquarium would be suitable because they play hide n seek with small fellow fish.

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