Warty Frogfish Facts, Size, Habitat, Tank Size, Tank Mates

The Warty Frogfishes are very famous. They are well-known by the following names. Clown Anglerfish, Wartskin frogfish, Clown Frogfish, Galloping Clown Frogfish and many other interesting names. These Warty Frogfishes are very colorful. They can easily change their color, but their color-changing habits depend on the environment. These Warty Frogfish like to live in lakes, oceans, and seas. These Warty Frogfishes can be found in large proportions in the regions of Indo-West Pacific oceans. These are also available in the rocks and corals in the ocean, lakes, and seas. 

    Warty Frogfish Size

    The Warty Frogfishes can grow in a good size. On average, their size may range from 5 inches to 6 inches. These fishes are small to medium in size. The Warty Frogfishes are considered medium to large compared to the other frogfishes. Their male and females are different from each other according to their size. Their diet and care help them grow in size efficiently. Once they start growing, they grow up within weeks. They have a big mouth, and their body is very extensible. The temperament and behavior of these Warty Frogfishes are also different from the other fishes.

    Warty Frogfish Habitat

    These Warty Frogfishes like to live in marine and saltwater. They feel comfortable, easy, and happy in salty and marine water. They live with the rocks and reefs available in the bottom area of the tank. They can swim easily in the bottom layers and love to spend time with rocks and reefs. They live in a specific depth of water that may vary from 10 meters to 20 meters. These Warty Frogfishes are dangerous for small fishes. Sometimes these fishes spend their time in the upper part of the water because they want some oxygen to live. 

    Warty Frogfish Tank Size

    The Warty Frogfishes require a large tank. The amounts of water required may range from 25 gallons to 30 gallons. In the large tank, they spend their life safe and sound. They will be secure from any disease and live a healthy life. You should provide them with clean water purified from other bacteria and chemicals. You should check their tank water daily and change their tank water regularly. Make sure when you change their tank water, the water is purified. 

    Warty Frogfish Tank Mates

    In the large tank, these Warty Frogfishes love to live alone. These fishes are very dangerous for small and human beings because they are full of poison. They do not necessarily require tank mates. These fishes are not safe in the home tanks. When they live alone, they become happy and fit. They do not tease other fish. Some of these Warty Frog fishes threaten small fishes around. They do not like other fishes in the same tank. These are large, so they want more space to swim and spend their life easier. They could be a threat to other fishes, so it would be better to keep them alone in a huge size tank.

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