Teekar Aseel Origin, Characteristics, Price

Teekar Aseel is a type of aseel breed, which is prized for its fighting skills, pugnacity, and great endurance. The brown Teekar variety is one of the most famous variants of Aseel and is renowned for being utilized in cockfighting. The small, muscular build and unique upright posture of this Aseel chicken breed have made it famous. 

Teekar Aseel Characteristics

This Aseel chicken variety is notable for its outstanding energy, pugnacity, and fighting abilities. Several of its characteristics are as follows:

Teekar Aseel breed has a body that is compact and strong, with a characteristic upright posture and stiff, short feathers that are securely adhered to the body while having a distinctive upright posture. Their small, spherical heads are adorned with hawk-like beaks, a big comb, and fierce, pale eyes that are beautifully centered. Depending on the species, their extremities are short and yellow in color, with or without feathers.

Teekar Aseel Origin, Characteristics, Price

Teekar Aseel Price

The breed purity, age, and geographic location all affect the price of teekar aseel in Pakistan. In Punjab, Pakistan, the typical cost of teekar aseel varies according to breed purity, ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60,000.

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